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The future of Queensland

public policy debate as well as patient and health advocacy and have already allowed doctors in … has stifled the voice of clinicians in the health government a message. Decisions on public health should be about patients and not profits.

9 days for HPDOs

  Health Practitioners and Dental Officers have stood … many Health Practitioners like you and I from around the … let's make sure the voice of health practitioners and dental officers is heard

Medical officers in this election

impact on the medical profession and the health workforce and will be reporting those back … Last night Queensland Opposition Health Minister … Miller and federal Labor Opposition Health Minister Catherine King met with a small

The war on doctors

the culture of concealment in Queensland Health and how damaging this is for us and most of … the Department of Health in Brisbane announced a Health Service Inquiry and took control of the

Newman's Doctored Truth

or anywhere in hospitals or the health system is incredibly rewarding but very hard … unstressed health professionals who are supported by their … and the LNP have devastated Queensland Health over the past three years.

My story and the story of so many others

Queensland Health staff were sacked. I am worried about my … my colleagues and the health system I worked so hard for. You can hear … the public health system in Queensland is suffering. In the

SMO & VMO Public Holiday Arrangements

to the loaded rate. For example allied health employees receive double time and a half on … This is the situation that Queensland Health have failed to accommodate in the contract

HP Arbitration - What's at stake

but Health continued to press them … until now. At the last minute Health have dropped those claims. They have also … the threat of other conditions being cut. Health is clearly feeling the heat. Let’s keep up

LCCH Crisis Meeting

staff. The examples you have provided to the health service include insufficient equipment and

HP/DO arbitration positions

United Voice claims AWU claims Queensland Health claims Supplemental document from … Health
This page includes the claims put forward by the unions involved in the HP and DO arbitration and management's claim.

Member Feedback - Draft Standard

Presentation of Hand Hygiene Materials in Healthcare Settings Brief Background Health presentation of hand hygiene materials in healthcare settings New users to get registered

Urgent onsite union meeting, building a better LCCH

sure that LCCH is the best it can be for health on Thursday. James and the Together Health Team

New Children’s Hospital short staffing, underfunding starts to bite

Health that the priorities of this government in health is funding election ads instead of … members. The Together union represents health workers at the new Lady Cilento Children’s

Metro South Organisational Change

processes happening right now in Metro South Health. These processes may affect members in … within Metro South Community and Primary Health.

More health staff needed to help prevent tragedies

again calling for higher and more consistent health staffing … model at Mossman Hospital. Together health speaker Dr Sandy Donald said … rounds of major cuts to Health staffing and the Queensland government’s

More delays, more cost, less results

This is what doctors in Queensland Health did earlier this year against terrible

HP/DOs: Make your voice heard.

of standing up against the cuts to jobs and health services that this government have
Make your voice heard. As you will see from today's email from the Director-General, Together is the only union conducting a ballot of staff affected by the HP/DO agreement proposal.

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