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HP Overdue Notice

with proper backdating. But Queensland Health has decided to delay your pay increase yet … Earlier this year Health Minister Cameron Dick said of the HP
Send an overdue notice to the Director-General, Michael Walsh, to ask for your HP pay increase now!

Doctors: your new collective agreement has started

for patients and for healthcare that all Queenslanders can rely on. This
Congratulations! The Industrial Commission agreed to approve the new MOCA4 agreement as of 22 November 2015.

HP: Another delay from Queensland Health on your wage increase

17 October 2014 through the operation of a Health Employment … Queensland Health management failed to include in the … this strange behaviour offered by Queensland Health management is that they want to wait until a
Recently you would remember that HP members were finally successful in achieving a 2.5% pay increase backdated to 17 October 2014 through the operation of a Health Employment Directive, a great achievement that came about because Together members stood st…

PA Digital Hospital, what does it mean for you?

The PA Hospital is undergoing major change to become a digital hospital. The proposed go live date is 30 November.

LCCH: Your action has secured more funds from the government

Today the Minister for Health has formally announced an additional … between the government and Children's Health Health Queensland Board. These measures are a

Health EB8: News on your wage increase

to a fair go has resulted in Queensland Health accepting your proposal to continue your EB8 … to place pressure on the Department of Health and the Minister for Health Cameron Dick to
Great news: Your hard work and dedication to a fair go has resulted in Queensland Health accepting your proposal to continue your EB8 agreement for 12 months with a 2.5% wage increase.

Historic outcome for doctors

putting public healthcare in Queensland at risk. You knew that … ballot result. If the LNP's health spokesman Mark McArdle really believes that

Vote now on return of MOCA conditions

in roundtable discussions with the Health Minister in relation to ramping and hospital … workforce in relation to important public health issues. Two such issues are emergency
The ballot has opened to approve MOCA4 and you should have received your ballot papers by post.

The latest on Nurse Navigators

the responses from Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.  Q1. What will be the role of … with paediatrics. The roll out to mental health and maternity teams will

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Queensland Health DDG Susan Middleditch has said … closure period stated in Queensland Health’s policy and you do not have sufficient … holiday planning starts. Queensland Health has just released the Christmas Closure

Update for Pathology, BTS and QHFSS

authority similar to an Hospital and Health Service … of Queensland Health  with regard to where … QHFSS should sit within the Department of Health structure. We wrote to

Hunter Review update 2 October

contractors within the Department of Health  The Health Minister announced in Parliament last month … the culture of the Queensland Department of Health. The program goals are based on the Hunter

Doctors: Voting this week

ramping is a symptom of problems across the health system. Clearly other hospitals

HP: Your back pay this week - Celebrate!

PS. Other staff in Health are still waiting for their pay increase. … their campaign for a fair wage increase. All Health workers deserve recognition and when union
Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication to a fair go means that this week you are getting paid what you are owed.

EB8: Minister Dick must stop the delays on your pay increase.

TOs and POs in Queensland Health are still waiting for a wage increase that … 1 September. Your work keeps Queensland Health running. Despite negotiations continuing

Hunter Review udpate: Contractors, Business Services Review, Accomodation and more

levels. On Wednesday 16 September the Health Minister announced in Parliament on that the … of use of contractors within Department of Health have been reviewed and updated by Health Support Queensland and are available on

Health Payroll - Friday Update

dictate the level of staffing in Queensland Health Payroll hubs.  Payroll management have … delegates previously that Queensland Health Payroll members are not meeting their

HSIA delegates update

has been implemented by Department of Health that supports better monitoring of … Ehealth members are affected by these changes you … and Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance
The Together HSIA delegates met with management this week for the HSIA consultative forum and discussed the following.

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