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WMHHS – Your feedback requested regarding Business Case for Change

Allied Health Emergency Department Service transition to … this information throughout West Moreton Health. See a copy of the documents … me on my details below. West Moreton Health has released a business case for change that

Changes to Community Health - MNHHS

currently being suggested to be on Brighton Health Campus. These changes do not yet have a … of senior management into Community and Oral Health

Temporary employment in Sunshine Coast HHS

consistently at the Sunshine Coast HHS Health Consultative … escalated the issue to the Department of Health. As a result of the … as well as the health service you work for. Your Enterprise

Negotiations Update – Workloads, WHS and Pay Parity

claim that matches conditions in Queensland Health where recruitment must be started to fill … like to see Education being consistent with Health as another large service delivery agency. So

Clinical Assistants update - 9 August

meeting and make a plan to ensure Queensland Health stick to the deadline. Despite … Queensland Health failed to get the right management in the

WBHHS - Education, Training and Research Services

Health Service Chief … Health management are required to consult with … outlining proposed changes to Mental Health in WBHHS and as part of the consultation

Update on MOCA5 negotiations and next steps

The offer Department of Health in amount to other recent Queensland Health industrial agreements. Through high level

Log of Claims

of Education to be translated to the Health Practitioner Stream. The Health Practitioner … structure and implementation of the Health Practitioner stream. Implement all of the

Have your say on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workforce proposals

expand mandatory qualifications for all ATSI Health Workers. Together members had rejected … of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers classification structure proposed to

Medical Physicists negotiations going up to the Director General

have been meeting with Department of Health seeking an outcome to fix your pay and … number of critical issues with Department of Health costings for the proposals were identified
In the last two days, Together Medical Physicists and officials have been meeting with Department of Health seeking an outcome to fix your pay and workforce issues. This is a quick report back. We will also be holding a state-wide teleconference of all ou…

Log of Claims

For those staff elected Workplace Health and Safety Representatives or Advisers … of time and better acknowledgement of mental health in the workplace. Review of all

Change proposal - Yannanda Adolescent Unit

Queensland Health management are required to consult with … Child Youth Mental Health Service Your feedback is confidential

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