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Restored Award Drafts

Queensland Health Framework Award Medical Officers Award … Service Officers And Other Employees Award Health Practitioners and Dental Officers Queensland

Together Health members update: your wages

are due to be implemented by Queensland Health. None of these things would have happened … streams. Earlier this week I wrote to the Health Minister at the request of your delegates

What do you think?

Health Officers and Medical Officers in Queensland Health we have seen action by Together members in

Medical officers: remember to vote.

Have you voted in the Together member ballot yet? We have negotiated an offer from QH that we think meets members' most critical concerns, and we need to hear from you before we accept the deal.

HPs and DOs: Meetings about the offer to you

 Ipswich Community Health the work you do for the health of Queenslanders and for stepping up and

Important update: Formal offer for Medical Officers

in detailed negotiations with Queensland Health in relation to your wages and conditions for … be running member meetings in hospitals and health facilities around the state and by

Government Offer for Medical Officers

been in intense negotiations with Queensland Health representatives since the start of May … JMO_claims On Friday 24 July Queensland Health provided a formal offer to Together and the

Health DG announced finalised DoH structure.

structure for the department of Health was released yesterday by the DG for health were part of this release the department of Health The DG for Health will be holding further feedback sessions

Multipliers explained

on call and recall but Queensland Health have now provided data on the … the arrangements proposed by Queensland Health. The other major advantage is that there

HPs and DOs Union Win!

When Queensland Health tried to break their promise to deliver a … Queensland Health have this morning moved their position.  … the work you do for the health of Queenslanders and for stepping up and

Social Work and Nurse Navigator program: next steps

role your profession currently plays in our health system. Members feel Social Work needs to be … from each HHS and the Department of Health around the
On Friday last week we invited members to participate in a state wide teleconference for Social Workers to discuss the announcement of the creation and central funding of the 400 "Nurse Navigator" positions under the new Nurse Navigator Program.

HPs and DOs: Your action making a difference

by this Government that they will respect health workers and pay … for activities this week for HPs and DOs Health Practitioner and Dental Officer Actions

Great news for Sunshine Coast Pathology

to a private provider. Confirmation of the Health the last three years. Effective public healthcare should serve all Queenslanders first and
The long awaited announcement has finally come for scientists, administration officers, laboratory assistants, phlebotomists, medical officers and bio technicians and all of us: HSQ services at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital will be provided by Qu…

What about my entitlements?

has committed to increases in funding for health and education services
It is good to have a government in power in Queensland that acknowledges the necessity of funding public services for our community.

This week. For a better deal

and dignity and to restore fairness. The Health Minister has the power to show you respect … with Together delegates and Queensland Health took place

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