Queensland Health EB9 and HPDO: reminder for your meetings

Posted on June 27, 2017

This is just a quick reminder that your pay rise and back pay will be paid in tomorrow's pay run.

Come along to one of the celebrations in your workplace this week. If you have any questions about your new agreement or would like to arrange another event to celebrate and talk about what's next, talk to your local delegates.

This pay rise and back pay wouldn't have been possible without you and all Together members standing up for better workplaces over the last year.

Now we can start work on implementing the new provisions and the reviews of industrial conditions under your new agreement. These reviews and the implementation process will require continued activity by Together members to successfully improve your and your colleagues' working lives.

Have a great day tomorrow!

PS: We've been advised that there is some confusion over payslips. Remember that there should be two sections on your payslip for adjustments: one is for the last four pay periods, the other is for pay periods before that date. Check the "Your payslip explained" Streamline website for advice on how to read your payslips. If you have any questions about the dating on your payslip you can call 1800 239 074 for more explanation if necessary.

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