One step closer to your new agreement - EB9 & HPDO

Posted on April 24, 2017

hpdo_eb9.pngWe are now one step closer to your new agreement, back pay and pay rise!

On Friday, Queensland Health advised that Cabinet has signed off on the agreement. This means the agreement can now go to a staff ballot.

As union members you voted on this offer last year, but now we're voting to certify the agreement. You should vote in this ballot to secure your new agreement, back pay and pay rise.

The ballot will open 8am Saturday 6 May and close 6pm Sunday 14 May. It is not compulsory to vote so do not worry if you are away and unable to vote. You will receive a letter next week outlining the ballot process and how to vote in the ballot. Once the ballot is finished and the majority of staff vote yes - then the Director General can approve your pay rise and back-pay.

Make sure to check out the EB9 and HPDO websites for more information on the staff ballot process.

(EB9 click here)

(HPDO click here)

As always, if you have any further questions about your new agreement or the ballot process - call your union on 1800 177 244 or email

Remember there wouldn't be any backpay, pay rise or improvements at work without you - union members. Encourage your colleagues to vote in this ballot and remind them we will only get the best from the agreement if we continue to have a strong union voice in your workplace.

1800 177 244