Negotiations for our new HPDO agreement will start soon!

Posted on August 15, 2016

hpdo_logo.pngEarlier this week, you received an update from the Together HPDO delegates conference where delegates discussed hot issues including employment security, workload management and workplace flexibility.

In your log of claims survey members have so far shown that these concerns are shared by HPs and DOs across the state.

But before we sit down at the negotiation table, we need to develop our log of claims to take to management. Your Together delegates can only do after you have your say in our HPDO Bargaining survey.

Remember - the government has now implemented a public service cap where employment increases are guided by the state’s population, not by your workload concerns. So now it’s more important than ever to get involved in the bargaining campaign to make sure your concerns at work are addressed.

HPs & DOs have a great history of standing together to achieve a better outcomes for our working lives and for the people we care for.

Make sure you have your say in the HPDO survey and forward this email to your work colleagues and ask them to stand with you and join your union.

Together we can secure better workloads and better services for all Queenslanders.

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