HPDO2 - It's starting!

Posted on August 17, 2016


Things are getting started with your new HPDO collective agreement. Read on to make sure you’re updated on what is happening in the negotiations about your wages and working conditions in 2016.

60 Days left!

We’re now 60 days from the expiration of your current HPDO collective agreement on 16 October. We have formally notified that union members wish to renegotiate for better wages and conditions today.

It is only because union members get together and have a say about what needs to change that there are improvements and annual wage rises. It doesn’t happen without you!

Together HPs and DOs have a fantastic history of being active and achieving great outcomes. With your EB9 colleagues also in negotiations for their new agreement, we are in a great position to address workload issues and employment security concerns and fight against the negative impacts of federal health funding cuts and the state government employment cap on your essential jobs in our health system.

There is a lot happening in Health at the moment so now is the perfect time to remind your colleagues about getting active and joining your union.

Steering committee is ready, set and go!

Well done to all the delegates who put their hand up to be part of your HPDO steering committee. These delegates, your colleagues, will meet every week and sit in the negotiations on your behalf as well as steering your campaign. Please get in touch with your steering committee delegates if you have questions regarding your HPDO agreement or our union office on health@together.org.au.

Click here to contact the delegates in your HPDO steering committee.

New Website!

Your union has just launched the new HPDO website! This website will be a vital tool to keep you and your fellow union members up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the HPDO bargaining campaign and a place to find the resources to help you talk to your colleagues about about the bargaining process and the benefits of being members of your union.

Click here to visit your new HPDO website.

Finally, there are only a few days left to complete your HPDO survey and to have your say on what you believe is important in your workplace. The responses from this survey will help finalise the log of claims (list of issues) your delegates take to management for bargaining.

Remember – only members get a say, so encourage your colleagues to join you as a union member and make a stand for fair pay and better working conditions and services.

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