HPDO: Meeting with Queensland Health

Posted on September 1, 2016

I’m Paul and I am an Environmental Health Officer from Rockhampton. I’m also one of many proud Together delegates that represent you on the negotiating committee for our new collective agreement. Like you, we work as health practitioners and dental officers in Queensland Health.

This afternoon, we will be meeting with Queensland Health to start discussions about our agreement.

Before we go into the meeting, we wanted to share with you the final list of issues that Together members have come up with to improve our conditions and rights at work. Click here to read our endorsed HPDO log of claims.

In the coming weeks, this log of claims will be used by our negotiation committee in discussions with QH.

As always, the outcome will depend on us and our colleagues joining us as union members to take action to make our workplaces better and safer.

Our colleagues who work in administrative, operational, technical and professional streams in QH have been negotiating for a new agreement too. Yesterday, their agreement expired and they still haven’t received an offer from QH.

It’s really important that we stand in solidarity with our fellow union members, so let your colleagues know they have your support.

Negotiations start in earnest next week so stay tuned for updates from us, your Together delegates going to those meetings. You can stay up to date with all of the latest news and resources here.

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