HPDO: It's time to get together!

Posted on November 4, 2016

Yesterday in negotiations Queensland Health showed their true colours by outright rejecting some of our important claims.

QH rejected extra pay points for HP5 and HP6 and rejected a progression from HP3 to HP4. QH has said NO to ensure that our pay levels and opportunities for career progression were fairer and reflective of the work we do.

We’re expecting to see a disappointing offer from QH sometime soon but we know from past negotiations that we can win better conditions and wages when we stand together.

All we’re asking for is for QH to take us seriously and respect the services we provide to communities. It’s not that much to ask for!

Now that everything is coming to a head, we need to get together to get informed and work out our next steps as union members.  Over the next two weeks, we’re going have meetings at hospitals and teleconferences to do just that.

Join your local meeting to get involved in our campaign to win an agreement that improves our working lives.

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