HPDO and EB9 Ballot

Posted on May 5, 2017

The Queensland Health ballot to certify your collective agreement opens tomorrow (Saturday 6 May) at 8am.

This is the all employee ballot. Union members voted last year before the agreement was drafted.

By now, you should have received information on how to vote in this ballot from the organisation conducting the ballot, "GoVote". If you did not receive this information, you need to contact the GoVote helpdesk on 1800 919 553 or support@govote.com.au.

Please check the Queensland Health HPDO and EB9 websites for further details.

Remember, these ballots are only happening because Together members won these agreements last year and have been ensuring the wins promised were written in to the agreement. It's because of you that Queensland Health members have the chance to vote on better pay and conditions. Ask your colleagues to join your union today.

Once the ballot is finalised, if it is accepted, then your hard won back-pay and payrise will come through. If the ballots go up then the back-pay will likely be paid in June.

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