HPDO: 2 days until expiry

Posted on October 14, 2016

HPDOWe met with Queensland Health again on Wednesday. We discussed a range of things including access to further training for oral health therapists, progression, staff mental health and safe work environments. You can see some notes of discussions here.

Once again QH wanted further information and research to consider our claims. They wanted to know how providing training for oral health members would benefit QH and provide better services.

At our delegates committee meeting yesterday we have resolved to send all the information QH has requested by early next week to continue to demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to settle these issues. But QH really needs to get us some answers too.

Our agreement expires on Sunday and negotiations just aren’t progressing as quickly as we would like.

By now we hoped to have discussed all of the important issues, however there is still a lot of important issues and claims to talk about.

Next week, we will be telling QH that they need to provide an offer sooner rather than later. We want to see in-principle agreement reached by 16 November. An offer 2 to 3 days before the 16th just isn’t good enough. We need time to consider the offer and make a decision that Together members like us are happy with. 

Given it is likely that QH won’t have the offer in time, delegates recommend that to put the spotlight on our agreement we should start to consider our industrial options. That means we need to start voting on industrial action options for down the track. It’s a very simple process but takes a long time to process, that’s why we are suggesting getting our ballots going early. HPs and DOs in Oral Health have already started this process statewide.

You can find out more here.

P.S. Alex was in the media this week talking about strengthening the rights of temporary staff in the health service particularly in the context of health boards running over budget. It’s worth having a read of this in the context of our claims about job security. It matters to all of us!

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