EB9: Queensland Health's Offer

Posted on September 26, 2016

EB9: Stand Up for Health WorkersLate on Friday evening Queensland Health sent through their first offer for EB9.

The offer is for a 3 year agreement, with 2.5% wage increases each year, and then not much else. You can see the offer here

It’s not an offer that deals with the big issues members have raised.

It's not an offer that gives much other than the 2.5% wage increase.

It’s not an offer that addresses the issue of Health Boards going $80 million over budget and leaving staff to bear the brunt.

Join Together members at your local meeting next week to find out what’s next!

Last time Queensland Health gave you an offer that wasn't good enough, you took action and forced them to make an offer that respected your hard work, conditions and rights.

Right now is your chance to make real change. This opportunity only happens every 3 years. It is a critical time to stand strong together.

I don't want to see you accept a deal that doesn't reflect the great work you do and the important roles you play in our health system. 

The only way to change the minds of decision makers is to use our collective power to demand better. 

That's why we need to make a public stand.

Come along to your local meeting to have your say and stand up for a fair deal.

1800 177 244