Custodial Corrections: What's important to you?

Posted on November 9, 2015

Next year Custodial Corrections Officers will again have an opportunity to bargain for their wages and conditions, and after the last few years there are a lot of things we already know should be addressed.

Things like:

  • Ensuring CCOs don't lose money when they get injured at work
  • Fixing barriers to progression created by the difficulty in achieving qualifications
  • Making sure CCOs are paid fairly for the work they do
  • Making sure rosters are fair and subject to full consultation
  • Protecting CCOs from ever again suffering the sorts of cuts to conditions we saw over the last few years

As a union group we need to make some decisions about what you want to ask for and what action we can take to make it happen. That’s why on 24 November delegates from around the State are coming together in Brisbane to develop the Log of Claims for next year’s bargaining and talk about how we can seek to ensure we get the best possible outcome. Below is a list of the delegates attending:

  • Lotus Glen CC:
    Norm Jacobsen, Barry Millwood, John Stack, Lee Shore
  • Townsville CC:
    Tania Millan, Adrian Burke, Gayle Roberston
  • Capricornia CC:
    Mark Weber, Jay Boal, Scott Reisen
    Maryborough CC:
    Chris Corke, Darryl Gleith, Tim Ryan, Shannon Richards
  • Woodford CC:
    David McInnes, Jason Hunt, Peter Deane-Freeman
    Brisbane CC:
    Daryl McNamara
    John Wilson, Geoff Jensen, Ben Turnbull
    Wolston CC:
    Peter Clark; Alek Vujanic
    Greg Tanner, Scott Mawhiney, Adrian Smith

Talk to your delegates about what’s important to you, and remember, our ability to get a good outcome next year depends on our strength and solidarity as a union, so if you have colleagues that aren’t currently members ask them to join today.

That way they can have a say and stand with you in demanding better conditions.

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