Member Benefits & Services

As well as being part of one of Queensland's largest unions Together members have access to a great range of benefits and services as part of their membership.

Members can access advice and support for work related matters from a team of experienced industrial staff.  Organisers and Regional Organisers are on the ground talking to workers and delegates everyday and helping them organise to win on issues that matter in their workplaces.

There are further specific benefits and services that come with Together membership, these are detailed below and over on the Extra Member Benefits page you'll find more information on some of the extra, value added benefits, Together members can access as part of their membership.

Help at work

Thankfully most workers will go their whole careers without requiring industrial advice or assistance but if the unlikely occurs it’s important to know that there is someone you can contact.

The dedicated industrial staff at Together are available between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays by calling 1800 177 244.

When you call, you will speak directly with a professional who can advise you on:

  • Rights and entitlements;
  • Discipline;
  • Workplace injuries;
  • Performance monitoring; and
  • Other workplace matters.

We use phone and email to make sure we can provide you with assistance as efficiently and effectively as possible. We try our best to assist you on the phone at the first call or return email.

Before you call it is helpful to have your union membership number and any relevant documents with you to assist us in providing you with accurate advice as quickly as possible.

For ongoing assistance you will need to complete and return a copy of the Industrial Assistance Form, available on the Together website here.

Only Together financial members are eligible to be provided with industrial assistance. Industrial advice and assistance may only be provided in respect to matters that post-date the start of financial membership.

Health Professional Indemnity Insurance

Together members working as health professionals in the public sector are increasingly vulnerable to legal risk for the health care services that they deliver.

Together members working as health professionals in relevant areas receive insurance coverage under a group policy that provides Malpractice Liability and Legal Benefits Insurance cover.

Through pooling their resources via a membership levy, Together members can access these benefits at a fraction of the cost to an individual seeking similar insurance coverage.

You can read more about this Professional Indemnity Insurance on this flyer - Health Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Child Safety Indemnity Insurance

Together members who are Child Safety Officers receive legal benefits insurance that includes the cost of legal representation at tribunals such as coronial inquests.

This insurance coverage is included in membership for Child Safety Officer members following a decision by Child Safety delegates and members in 2017.

Custodial Corrections Legal Insurance

Members in Custodial Corrections made the decision to fund a group legal insurance policy to provide an added level of security and protection.

In partnership with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, this policy provides members with funding to obtain legal advice and assistance in a range of circumstances – not just at work.

For more details contact the Together office on 1800 177 244 or read more about this in this comprehensive flyer - Legal Insurance in Custodial Corrections.

As well as being part of one of Queensland's largest unions Together members have access to a great range or benefits and services as part of their membership.

These include Help at Work for all members and Professional Indemnity and Legal Insurance for some groups of workers.

1800 177 244