December 14 Proposal

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Together members are encouraged to have your say about a proposal put by the Commission in pursuit of a new agreement for Health Practitioners and Dental Officers.

Here is the proposal.

Here is a letter from Secretary Alex Scott about the proposal.

See the table below for a summary of the proposal.

At this stage Queensland Health have refused to offer wages that keep pace with inflation and wish to pursue cuts to conditions. Together members have clearly voted that the “bottom line” was a wage rise that kept pace with inflation (as promised by the Premier), no cuts to conditions, a few minor improvements to protect temporary staff and make allowances fair for all of us. We are seeking for that to be put to the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission in an arbitration.

While the arbitration processes occur we also have the opportunity to continue to campaign, along with our colleagues across the public sector, for fair pay for all and a restoration of our rights for job security and no more cuts. The political pressure of these campaigns in a climate of an ever closer state election with health as a hot-button issue is important.

Voting is now closed.

Summary of the proposal

Queensland Health Position


Together Position

WAGES: 2.2% per year

WAGES: 2.2% per year

WAGES: A pay rise that keeps pace with cost of living (eg. CPI now 2.6%in 2014) as promised by the Premier.

Abolish Student Supervision Allowance

Abolish Student Supervision Allowance – pay it out to those who have had it this year only for 2.8 years equivalent

No cuts to this or any allowances

Provisionally registered HPs classification (lower level) to be introduced


No new level

No new level

No progression past HP3.4 if direct appointed to a position. (Making these staff more cost effective)

No barrier

No barrier

No change to PDL, possible indexation of PDA

PDL extended to temporary staff (with conditions) and indexation of PDA (2.2% per year)

Improvements to PDL to extend to all temporary staff and index PDA to wage rises +


Abolish District and Divisional Parities


Pay out District and Divisional Parities for 2 years for those who currently get it.


Maintain the District and Divisional Parities