Value Queensland’s Public Health Workers

Public sector health workers are on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis, protecting Queenslanders and ensuring that everyone stays safe. These workers are putting their own safety on the line to help all of us.

They are going above and beyond during this unprecedented time and we should be doing everything we can to recognise their incredible work.

Instead, the Queensland Government appears to have unilaterally announced a “hold” on wage increases, with no consultation or discussion. There has been no official word about this, just media comment.

Health workers on the HPDO and EB10 agreements have been waiting for a pay rise since 2018, they have not yet been paid their wages that were due in 2019 or the ‘sign on’ amount that has been paid to other public sector workers.

This is not acceptable.

Sign our petition to send a message to the Government that public health workers deserve to be valued and paid what they are owed.

This petition is currently closed.