Surgical Service Group - Allied Health - SCUH 

Sunshine Coast HHS have circulated the below documents for consultation but we don't believe the correct roster agreement processes have been followed.

SCHHS are also are refusing to provide us with the detail of who is impacted by these rosters so we don’t know who is going to the new hospital and who is being pushed onto new rosters. 

Can you talk to your colleagues about why being active in your union helps to protect you and your rights? Every person who joins makes us all stronger at work.

Members held a meeting on 23 February and raised a range of concerns about the process and content of these rosters.   

Feedback was due for the Surgical Services Allied Health rosters on Tuesday 28 February and the Together union office an this initial response based on memebr feedback.

Our preliminary response is here. 

Have your say about the proposal and response in the form to the right or by emailing

Members have a right to be represented by their union in shift roster negotiations and some also require the agreement of the union. If you are approached with a new roster please call 1800 177 244 or email for help and advice.

You can see the original documents  from management below:

Management provided further information on 24 February which you can see below: 

Here are your rights when it comes to rosters:

  • Shift work rosters can only be implemented by agreement with either the majority of employees or the union depending on which instrument applies. (Doctors' rosters have their own arrangements).
  • The union must be notified about the introduction of weekend work, or shift work, or a change to a shift roster in writing, at least one week before staff or the union are asked to agree to these arrangements.
  • Where the majority of staff have to agree, all employees directly affected have to be consulted, where possible as a group. Specific concerns which relate to either equity or occupational health and safety issues, can be catered for on an individual basis.
  • Employees have the right to be represented by their union.
  • Agreement is defined as obtaining consent of greater than 50% of employees directly affected or of the union depending upon the particular award provisions.

Org change and roster feedback form