Sunshine Coast HHS Organisational Change

The SCHHS is embarking on a significant program of organisational change and restructuring, linked to the opening of the new hospital. Your industrial awards and agreements provide rights and entitlements to workers in these processes.

  • You have Individual rights to not have your conditions of employment changed without your consent, these are things like your permanent status and hours, whether you work “day work” or shift work, etc.
  • Employees have rights to be consulted locally  about matters that effect you and your work and to get advice from your union about these issues.
  • Members, through your union, have specific rights to be notified and consulted about major change to jobs or the way that work is done (see below).   
  • Shift work and new shift work rosters can only be introduced by agreement with union members, after consultation with staff as a group.
  • You can get advice about your employment conditions, organisational change, roster proposals or any other industrial matter by calling 1800 177 244 or emailing

Below is a list of the current organisational change and proposals at SCHHS for your review and feedback. Clink on the links below (as they become active) for more information, documents and to have your say, or contact us at 1800 177 244 or emailing  

Area / Department  Proposal Documents  Feedback Provided  Response Received 
Medical Services - Allied Health   













There is also a form for more general issues with the transition- see more here

Org change and roster feedback form 

This form is now closed.