Member and Delegate Resources

Members and delegates can use these resources to help spread the word about the need to be in a union.

Workforce Workload management kit: This kit is for the use of HPDO, EB10 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health worker members. 

Collective Agreements

Collective agreements - also called Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBs), or Certified Agreements - set out your wages and other key entitlements as an employee in Queensland Health. Different occupational groups in Queensland Health are covered by different agreements.

As the name "certified agreement" implies, they are certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, after being negotiated by union members and employer representatives. Agreements will run for a set term (usually 3 years) and then expire. When an agreement expires, all the wages and conditions it sets out remain in force until they are formally replaced with a new agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns about your collective agreement, or you are just not sure which agreement you are covered by, you can contact your union office.