Looking for your new MOCA5 agreement?

We’re working hard to get all parties to sign off on the draft document for your new Agreement and to try to ensure that your backpay comes this financial year. Your doctors' representatives have reviewed the final draft of the EB document and are satisfied with its content. On 14 March at a meeting with Department of Health, Together provided our endorsement to the draft MOCA5 document conditional on the endorsement of all parties.

We have been advised by other parties that they currently have no outstanding issues with the draft. 

It is crucial that this endorsement of the draft happens as soon as possible so that your backpay can be paid before June 30. We’ve done everything we can to speed that process up. Now we’re waiting on others to also agree and to endorse the document.

Following endorsement there will be a formal consultation and ballot process before the document is certified and your new pay and conditions put in place. If the formal consultation and ballot process commences on 8 April, we have been advised that the backpay should be then occur in the final pay run of June. 

Timing is critical and we’ll continue to do what we can to protect members interests and to get the department to deliver backpay this side of the financial new year.

More information will be available as we move to the next step for consultation and balloting and we will keep Together members updated.


MARCH 1, 2019

This is an important update regarding your new MOCA5 wages and conditions. The drafting of new clauses for the MOCA5 agreement has been finalised this week. We’re a critical step closer to certification of your agreement and for you to receive your new conditions and pay rise (including back pay to 1 July 2018).

DECEMBER 19, 2018

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