We have good news for all Together Medical Officers regarding MOCA5.  The ballot for your new MOCA5 Agreement was near unanimous in support for the agreement. 

There has been a 97% 'Yes' vote for the new MOCA5 agreement. 

32% of all eligible Medical Officers voted during the MOCA5 ballot – this is a good result for an industrial ballot.

Our members and bargaining representatives worked hard during negotiations to prosecute the claims of our members. As a result, we won 44 changes to the agreement including improvements for all Medical Officers, and no loss of conditions

Together Medical Officers get better outcomes by being a stronger union – whether it is securing the necessary increases to your allowances, increased access to professional development, individual allocation of CST, protections for confidential workspace and safe workspaces, or pioneering conditions like Digital Recall.

You can read the copy of the new agreement here.

You can view all agreed items won by members last year here.

The next steps are important.

Together has formally signed the new MOCA5 Agreement. Once signed by all parties, it will then be lodged with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to be certified.

Together has again checked with Department of Health regarding backpay being on schedule to be paid this financial year. The Department has not advised that there are any changes to this schedule, and they are working through the steps to make that happen. The timing will be tight for payment before 30 June. Because this is important to our members we will continue to push hard for payment of your backpay this financial year.

Once again, congratulations to all Together Medical officers for an even stronger and more successful Together MOCA 5 EB Campaign!


JANUARY 18, 2021

We hope your new year is getting off to a good start and you stay safe and well this year.  We would like to welcome you back for 2021 and remind you to get in touch with your union office if you have any workplace concerns via 1800 177 244 or health@together.org.au.

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