HPDOCA Protected Action Ballot

We have been in negotiation with Queensland Health since June this year. There have been hundreds of hours of negotiations however, despite the best efforts of your colleagues at the table, it is clear we need to threaten industrial action to show Health we are serious.

Here is a fact sheet about protected industrial action.

The first step is a ballot. This does not mean we will enact all these options. We encourage all members to vote YES to all questions to send a strong message.

Queensland Health has rejected a large number of members' important claims, and your delegates have been given strong signals by the employer that more of your critical claims will be refused.

This shows a lack of respect by Queensland Health for members' and the issues you deem important in your workplace.

If we want a good deal with improved conditions and no cuts, HPs, DOs and CAs must be ready to take action just like your colleagues in EB10. When your colleagues threatened stop work action Queensland Health came to the table with a better deal.

As part of the current campaign for a fair pay offer and for improved conditions in your new HPDOCA collective agreement, delegates have decided to commence a state-wide Protected Action Ballot of HPDOCA members employed in Queensland Health.

This ballot is open until 3.30pm on Friday 18 October. You will be advised of the results of the ballot after this date.

Use the form below to have your say on Protected Action for HPDOCA members.