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NEW HPDOCA Agreement: In-principle agreement reached

Together has given in-principle agreement to a significantly improved offer for your new HPDO3 agreement. We would like to congratulate members on winning such a strong outcome in your new EB!

To email the Health Minister about the timing of the $1250 pro-rata payment, go here.

The final agreed deal contains a vast number of improvements to your conditions that were won by Together members. A small sample of these include:

  • 2.5% pay increase + $1250 payment* (*Note government has decided that for all agreements this is AO8.4 equivalent level - we continue to advocate in relation to this cut-off, we understand that this is very disappointing for many higher level HP and DO members)
  • No loss of conditions – including no loss of retention payments for radiochemists
  • Rural and Remote support
  • Improved workload management
  • HP workforce planning (budgeting and non-clinical time)
  • Improved employee access of flexible working arrangements
  • Temporary to permanent conversion improvements
  • Social Work / Psychology treatment space protections
  • HP workspace protections
  • Compassionate transfers
  • A new Clinical Assistants stream, with improved pay rates, a better training allowance, now including a CA3-4 progression scheme which has come out of recent negotiations
  • Improved Attraction and retention for Medical Physicists


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