HPDO and Clinical Assistants

Join Together now! Updates Meetings Actions

The offer is here!

Your threat of action has worked and you don’t have to take it now! Congratulations!

The government realised how serious you were, and have confirmed an offer will be received today.

Following the extraordinary pressure of Together union members committing to state-wide strike action for all HPs, Dental Officers and Clinical Assistants seeking that an offer is received by 14 November, we now have an offer from Queensland health to consider.

Click here to view the HPDOCA offer!

In addition to the HPDOCA offer we were also sent this letter from the Director General for members who are in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workforce.

Your Log of Claims

In March Together delegates from across the state met in Brisbane and with lots of debate, energy and discussion have produced two important documents.

Here is the "log of claims" or list of issues for HPDO and Clinical Assistants (note this will apply to you if you are an HP, DO or a 'Clinical Assistant').

If you have feedback or questions about the log of claims see your delegate or email us at health@together.org.au.

All of the great things in these claims will not be achieved without members being active and involved in the campaign. If you would like to be a contact for your area contact your organiser or let us know at health@together.org.au. There are some spectacular ideas for improvement to wages and conditions in these documents!

If you would like to be involved in 2019 bargaining let us know via health@together.org.au


How Bargaing Works