Protected Action Ballot: EB10 Agreement

Workers in Queensland Health have been in negotiations for months for your new EB10 agreement, seeking necessary improvements to wages, classification levels, workloads, maximising permanency, safety and more.

In relation to wages, we were advised by your employer that you will be offered less than other workers. 

Queensland government recently offered teachers 2.5% plus a $1250 sign-on bonus.  But despite that, our bargaining representatives were told that government will offer you only 2.5% - with no $1250 sign-on bonus!

Department of Health say they think it's "fair" for government to offer you less than it offers other workers.

This is grossly unfair – our members aren't worth less.

Together members have decided to undertake an urgent campaign of member action to show the government that they can't treat health workers unfairly when it comes to wages.

We may need to take action in September to see an improvement in the wages offer – to make sure that our members are not offered less. To take action, members first need to vote yes for a list of actions which will then be available for members to choose during September.

As part of the current campaign for a fair pay offer and for conditions in your new EB10 collective agreement, delegates have decided to commence a statewide Protected Action Ballot of members employed in Queensland Health on the following actions:

This ballot is now closed.