Vote now to have your say on the proposed EB10 agreement

On Friday Queensland Health made this offer, which your delegates accepted in principle.

The offer includes a 2.5% increase, a $1250 sign on payment, improvements to employment security for all workers, removing the barrier to locality allowance, finally paying Torres Strait Islander workers allowances, addressing issues for clinical coders and more.

Importantly this offer has NO cuts to wages and conditions!

You can read a summary of the offer here.

It was because of the actions you and every other union member in Health took that meant that this final offer was made. You made a huge difference - congratulations!

Now it is time for you to have your say.

Our union is a democratic one. This is your agreement, and it will govern your wages and conditions for the next three years. You now get to vote on whether you accept this offer.

This is an important part of the bargaining process. Make sure you lodge your vote and remind your union colleagues to also vote. Only union members can vote in this ballot. If the ballot of union members is successful, then Health will ballot ALL staff covered under this agreement.

To vote on whether your union accepts this offer - please use this form.


Your Log of Claims

In March Together delegates from across the state met in Brisbane and with lots of debate, energy and discussion have produced two important documents.

Here is the "log of claims" or list of issues for Health EB10 (note this will apply to you if you are an AO, OO, TO or PO).

If you have feedback or questions about the log of claims see your delegate or email us at

All of the great things in these claims will not be achieved without members being active and involved in the campaign. If you would like to be a contact for your area contact your organiser or let us know at


How Bargaining Works