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We are Together.

A union of health workers who change things together we can’t change alone. We are administrative officers, health practitioners, medical officers, professional officers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers, Home Care Co-ordinators, pathology scientists and assistants, phlebotomists, allied health assistants, dental officers, dental assistants, oral health therapists, technical officers and health promotion officers as well as many other disciplines.

Together union members work across a variety of settings from single person operations to large health institutions and everything in between.

Together members believe that public health care based on clinical necessity is a fundamental human right and patient care must always take priority over profits.

We work together for fairness at work, quality services and a better Queensland.

To access industrial advice or support from your union industrial staff go HERE.

See our submission to the 2019/2020 Federal Budget for Health HERE.

On Friday 4 October QH made this offer to EB10 members. You can also read a summary of the offer here (note this will apply to you if you are an AO, OO, TO or PO).

Here is the endorsed "log of claims" or list of issues for HPDO and Clinical Assistants (note this will apply to you if you are an HP, DO or a 'Clinical Assistant').