EB9: Together members win a new agreement!

Together members have led the way campaigning for better working conditions for months now. 

Together members took industrial action and stood strong to make sure that full back pay and better conditions were put in to this agreement. 

The EB9 agreement ballot was a success with a 98% YES vote and the agreement has been certified in the Industrial Relations Commission effective from 7 June 2017!

 The new pay rise and backpay will be paid on June 28 – thanks to union members!

For a copy of the agreement click HERE. 

To make the most of this agreement we need to maintain our strong union group and ensure all the reviews progress quickly.

If you have questions or want to be part of a review get in touch at health@together.org.au.  

Where to from here?

The agreement has now been certified in the Industrial Relations Commission.

Now the agreement is certified we can start work on implementing the new provisions and the reviews of industrial conditions under your new agreement. These reviews and the implementation process will require continued activity by Together members to successfully improve your and your colleague's working lives.

Your back pay

You won full back pay as part of this agreement. 

You will receive your back pay and pay rise in the 28 June pay run.