Working From Home

We've heard from lots of Together members about their experiences working from home (WFH). Some are loving it, and some say it can be challenging. In the union office, we have been working to make sure union members have access to the best support available from us.

What has been working?

The staff in the union office are also working from home and here are some tips and tricks that we have found helping us through this time:

Set yourself up

  • Create a personalised Workspace - do not sit on the sofa (even if it’s tempting!)
  • Feel comfortable and dress for work, set your day and have your favourite coffee or tea at hand.

Break up your day

  • Remotely set up calls with colleagues and friends.
  • Your regular walk from the train to work is not available now, set up walks around the block at a certain time each day.
  • Some staff have set up coffee or water breaks via online resources that meet face to face.


  • Sticking to a normal workday, however this may not be practical for some parents, adjust your hours, be flexible, put your "out of office" on to focus on work or have it communicated clearly to colleagues to advise when not available i.e., the kids are having lunch.
  • Plan your day, use a to do list and rank priorities; complete the biggest most complex task at a time that your work best or have time to focus. Set realistic expectations of what is achievable.

Additional resources on WFH

If you would like some more information, we found this link from to Harvard Business School helpful

Trying to work while also helping children do their schoolwork can be especially hard. This article has some ideas about how to get your kids to do what you ask like they do for teachers.

WorkSafe Queensland has this useful guide for staying safe when working from home.

More links:
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What is your perspective?

What has been your life saving ‘work from home’ tip? Do you know someone else who could use some WFH advice? Why not share some of the links on your Facebook with the hashtag #WFHtogether

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