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It is important that Together ASU members are updated with how their industries are managing and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly as we receive new information from employers.

Please note that information may change rapidly.

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Many Together members will be in the first groups of workers to be offered the COVID-19 vaccinations from this week. The Federal Government have determined priority groups and set out "categories" for different workers and community members who will receive first access to the vaccines. 

JANUARY 18, 2021

We hope your new year is getting off to a good start and you stay safe and well this year.  We would like to welcome you back for 2021 and remind you to get in touch with your union office if you have any workplace concerns via 1800 177 244 or

JANUARY 8, 2021

In case you missed the news, from 6 pm on the 8 January 2021 people living in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton and Redlands will be required to stay home until 6 pm Monday in a bid to stop the spread of the highly-infectious United Kingdom strain of COVID-19.

JANUARY 8, 2021

This morning we all received updated health advice in relation to the COVID-19 health pandemic. Included in this advice is a reintroduction of lock down measures that are being implemented from 6 pm this evening (Friday) until 6pm Monday evening.

AUGUST 23, 2020

Together received contact from the Department this morning to break the difficult news that additional BYDC staff and their family members have tested positive to COVID-19. This is deeply concerning news. If you are one of those employees who has tested positive, we are thinking of you and are ready to help you if there is anything we can do to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


***Important note: The advice provided is general in nature and may vary in specific circumstances. Consult your union to get the right information regarding your personal situation - call 1800 177 244 or email

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