Log of Claims

In December 2018 and January 2019, delegates from around the state came together in Brisbane to develop the Log of Claims and agree on a plan to ensure we get the best possible outcome. This Log of Claims was subsequently endorsed at members meetings across the state – you can view the log by clicking here.

Employer offer

QCS has made an offer, the contents of which have been overwhelmingly rejected by members.

You can read a copy of that offer, with some commentary from the union office, here.

Corrections Updates

JULY 20, 2020

Last week two important pieces of legislation were dealt with in Queensland Parliament. The first was the tabling of a Bill proposing significant amendments to the Public Service Act 2008, with important provisions about disciplinary processes, employment security, and other conditions. We'll be providing some more information about that soon as part of information to all members.

JUNE 17, 2020

JUNE 10, 2020

MAY 26, 2020

MAY 21, 2020