Wage increase for public servants via the State Wage Case

Queensland public servants deserve a pay rise and you will get one effective from 1 September.

There are two ways we win pay rises for public servants in Queensland:

  1. By making arguments in the State  Industrial Relations Commission for increases to your Award rate of pay; and
  2. By negotiating an annual pay rise as part of your enterprise bargaining agreement (the EB).

Both of these things only happen because you and your fellow members form a union to do the advocacy and negotiations. It is not automatic.

Yesterday afternoon the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission released a decision saying that they accept the union argument and are granting a wage rise as part of the state wage case. Good news!

As this increase will apply to your award, and not your collective agreement or EB, the actual amount that public servants' wages will increase by will vary. Higher classifications may receive around 1.2%. Lower classifications may receive up to about 3.5%. On this page you can see in the tables how it will apply to the administrative and operational streams.

This is a great win for Queensland public servants but we know you deserve more. That is why it is important you get involved in Together's collective bargaining campaign to keep pushing for a decent annual wage rise.

Right now, that means being part of the action.  Click here for more information about how to get involved.

Through collective bargaining we can campaign for public servants' wages to stay above the award minimum which is the case for the rest of the Queensland public sector.

As part of our collective bargaining campaign members have also identified other ways you want to improve your working lives, and these issues have become our log of claims. Right now it is clear that good arguments alone are not going to deliver a fair outcome in this bargaining process.

We need a strong union campaign if we are going to win these changes in your working lives.  That will only happen if we have more members active in the campaign.

We need you to talk to your colleagues about the fact that union members have won this pay rise but we can only win better wages and conditions though the collective bargaining if they join and are active in the campaign this September.

AO2.1 2.8%
AO2.2 3.1%
AO2.3 3.2%
AO2.4 3.5%
AO2.5 3.5%
AO2.6 3.5%
AO2.7 3.5%
AO2.8 3.5%
AO3.1 3.3%
AO3.2 3.2%
AO3.3 3.0%
AO3.4 2.9%
AO4.1 2.7%
AO4.2 2.6%
AO4.3 2.5%
AO4.4 2.4%
AO5.1 2.2%
AO5.2 2.1%
AO5.3 2.1%
AO5.4 2.0%
AO6.1 1.8%
AO6.2 1.8%
AO6.3 1.7%
AO6.4 1.7%
AO7.1 1.5%
AO7.2 1.5%
AO7.3 1.5%
AO7.4 1.4%
AO8.1 1.3%
AO8.2 1.3%
AO8.3 1.3%
AO8.4 1.2%
OO2.1 2.8%
OO2.2 3.0%
OO2.3 3.3%
OO2.4 3.5%
OO3.1 3.5%
OO3.2 3.5%
OO3.3 3.5%
OO3.4 3.5%
OO4.1 3.5%
OO4.2 3.4%
OO4.3 3.3%
OO4.4 3.1%
OO5.1 3.0%
OO5.2 2.9%
OO5.3 2.8%
OO5.4 2.7%
OO6.1 2.5%
OO6.2 2.5%
OO6.3 2.4%
OO7.1 2.3%
OO7.2 2.1%
OO7.3 2.1%
PO2.1 3.4%
PO2.2 3.1%
PO2.3 2.9%
PO2.4 2.7%
PO2.5 2.6%
PO2.6 2.5%
PO3.1 2.3%
PO3.2 2.2%
PO3.3 2.1%
PO3.4 2.0%
PO4.1 1.8%
PO4.2 1.8%
PO4.3 1.7%
PO4.4 1.7%
PO5.1 1.5%
PO5.2 1.5%
PO5.3 1.5%
PO5.4 1.4%
PO6.1 1.3%
PO6.2 1.3%
PO6.3 1.3%
PO6.4 1.2%
TO2.1 3.6%
TO2.2 3.4%
TO2.3 3.2%
TO2.4 3.1%
TO2.5 3.0%
TO2.6 2.9%
TO3.1 2.7%
TO3.2 2.6%
TO3.3 2.5%
TO3.4 2.5%
TO4.1 2.3%
TO4.2 2.2%
TO4.3 2.1%
TO5.1 2.0%
TO5.2 1.9%
TO5.3 1.8%
TO5.4 1.7%
TO6.1 1.7%
TO6.2 1.6%
TO6.3 1.5%