Update on public service wages and arbitration

November 1, 2019

Last Friday 25 October Together representatives appeared in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission as part of our request for an interim pay rise for you and your fellow members covered by the State Government Entities Certified Agreement.

We asked that in 2019, your wages go up by 3% and that you are paid the $1250 that the Government has offered to public servants who have an EBA agreement in place, while we await the full arbitration process to be finalised in 2020.

As part of the arbitration we are arguing for back pay to 1 September 2018, however this interim pay rise application would not address back pay, but merely provide a movement of wages for you right now, to put a stop to the 'wage freeze' while we wait for the tribunal process to be conducted.

Deputy President Merrell made orders that a full hearing on the issue of an interim wage increase be held on Wednesday 27 November.

We will have further written submissions lodged by Wednesday 6 November.

Currently the government are opposing our application. So the tribunal process is important. We will keep you updated.

For a reminder of how we got here you can see our diagram here.

State Wage Case

Another way we are arguing for the 3% pay rise to be paid to you this year is through the State Wage Case.

We made submissions in this case at the QIRC, heard on 9 October. We hope to see a decision soon and will let you know when we do!

Without union members like you there would be no wage cases  run.

The Commission processes take some time but being able to go to the independent umpire on these wage disputes is important.

Union members have voted to pursue a better wage outcome and this is the best way to effect that right now.