It is time to change the rules in the Queensland public service

July 18, 2018

Over the last couple of months Together members and delegates across Queensland have been talking about how to improve our Queensland public service workplaces. This includes holding workplace meetings and taking part in surveys.

Many members have said that they are frustrated by situations where managers abuse systems and processes in a way that makes it harder for people to get their jobs done. This affects careers, job satisfaction, and service delivery.

Changing the rules in the public service means:

  • Stopping the rorts where we can;
  • Developing career paths and systems that recognise and reward experience by changing how recruitment occurs;
  • Providing the fair and open system for promotions that you deserve as a public servant;
  • Having your say in the workplace, knowing that you will be listened to, particularly about the tools you need to get the job done and how technology could improve our services to the public;
  • Achieving the security of employment and security of income that you deserve.

We are aiming to achieve a new collective agreement for the public service that fundamentally changes how processes like recruitment, job evaluation, and temporary employment work.

The extensive feedback and discussion amongst members has been the foundation of our central log of claims for bargaining, a copy of which you can read here. Delegates will be finalising the list of agency-based claims at the Branch Conference on 30 July.

We will be providing you with regular updates from negotiations as they happen. Make sure you talk to your colleagues about the need to join your union so we can build a better public service in Queensland.