Core: Negotiations Update

August 6, 2018

Last week we had another negotiation meeting with government representatives about your pay and conditions.

Here is a reminder of what is in the list of issues we are discussing (the log of claims) that you and other members put forward.

Together delegates Rachel Barley, Shanti Thompson and union staff continued to put the case about why we need to change the rules in the public service to restore merit and ensure fair treatment to public servants.

A key part of our claim is that there needs to be a re-write of the Public Service Act, fundamental changes to the rules around recruitment and selection, higher duties and filling of vacancies, change to how positions are evaluated and classified, and better ways to ensure that government is not forcing members into insecurity by continual temporary employment.

You and your colleagues have said loud and clear that these things need to change. These negotiations are a key opportunity to make that call louder and we did that at the meeting again.  

To date the government representatives have not said "yes" or "no" to any claims.

This week the Public Service Commission have been invited to attend the negotiations to add their views. Rachel, Shanti or I will report back after that meeting as no doubt the PSC will have a response.

There are no specific outcomes to report back on yet from negotiations even though we are now just 1 month away from the expiry of your agreement.

Government negotiators have said that we will receive a response or an 'offer' in the last week of August.

In case that offer is just the published wages policy and nothing else (2.5% and no movement on any other claims) your delegates met last Monday to discuss how we can best show that union members want to see real change in 2018.

We are taking steps to prepare for industrial action in September if the offer is not what you want.

Union members will get a say on any action and it is only your voice that is counted. If you know someone who is not yet a member, ask them to join their union.

Talk to your colleagues and your delegates about what action you might take to make your voice heard and change the rules this year. You do important work and your workplace rights should not be trampled on.