Core Agreement: Your vote

Posted on March 10, 2020

Today many agencies have alerted employees to the fact that you as union members secured a deal last December to protect and improve conditions, to secure the $1250 one-off payment (which will be paid pro-rata) and to maintain our right to arbitrate wages and push for a wage increase this year.

Union members overwhelmingly fought for and supported this deal and it has only come about thanks to your efforts. A copy of the Agreement is here.

If you would like more information about the wages mechanism check out our fact sheet here.

We understand that all employees to be covered by the "Core" Agreement (who are employees in these agencies) will be paid the one-off payment on 25 March or prior. Not all employees will have this showing in pay slips now, but we have been advised that it is being paid.

Union members who fought for and supported the deal should vote yes in the employee ballot also.

PS: We have been meeting with government today about the response to COVID-19 and about various Directives and guidance to departments and staff. I hope to be able to update members about this on Thursday.

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