0% wage offer for most public servants

September 5, 2018

Queensland public servants deserve a pay rise but most are being offered a 0% increase in your EB this year.

I am outraged. We had a win last week and now the department is seeking to undermine it.

The offer for public servants amounts to 0% for most classifications. At the AO8 level it increases to around 1.2%. Click here for a table that sets out what this wage offer would mean for you.

Why is this happening?

Your pay rates are set by two mechanisms. Either they are set through the award safety net, or through a collective agreement (also known as an EB). Award rates only apply when they are higher than the EB or agreement rates. The Award is supposed to be the minimum or 'safety net.'

Currently most public servants have their wages set by their award, not your collective bargaining agreement, as a result of the wage freeze under Campbell Newman's government. 

Public servants whose wages are set by the Award are now being offered less than the standard 2.5% increase that every other public sector worker is being given. Everybody at AO4 level and below is being offered no increase at all – 0%! The current offer also means that the lowest pay levels will not receive a pay increase under the EB for the next two years as the Award pay rates will still remain ahead of the EB.

You should not be penalised because the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission improved the award safety net based on good arguments. The win you had last week is not a reason to now not apply government wages policy.

We were told in negotiations that the employer cannot offer more because of the department's interpretation of the state government's wage's policy. Clearly, the department are not negotiating in good faith and they are probably breaching the Industrial Relations Act.

Today I have written to the Queensland Treasurer seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the application of the state wages policy but a letter alone won't get us a better offer.

If members want a reasonable wage offer, we need to force the government to intervene.

Only being active and strong can we win improvement to this offer.

Get involved and make a difference. We will be advising members of opportunities to be involved in work bans and stop work meetings in the next week. That is the next step to secure a decent wage offer right now.

PS. You can ask your colleagues to join the union at this link.