Wages in the Queensland public sector - Core, Child Safety and Education

The current offer to public servants in the Core, Education Queensland and Child Safety, Youth and Women is the lowest wage offer ever made by a Queensland state government in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

The government's offer seeks to discount the effect of the recent State Wage Case adjustment of the award safety net.

The Core is the only area of the public service in Queensland that is being forced to rely on the award safety net for a wage increase. All other areas have received or will receive 2.5% wage increases on top of their existing wages, as set out in their EB (collective agreement). In the Core areas (including Child Safety and Education), the government wants to discount against the state wage case adjustment so that the increase to your wages in your agreement will be 0% for most classifications.

Together members are seeking a fair pay increase that treats members in these areas the same as other parts of the public service.

The lowest offer ever is not good enough. You deserve better. To change this unfair offer, union members must act. That's why delegates and members have strongly endorsed industrial action and rallies across the state.

The State Wage Case minimum wage adjustment comes from the federal minimum wage

The above table sets out the recent State Wage Case award safety net adjustments in Queensland compared to the federal minimum wage case in the same year.

Comparison between current wages and the state government's offer

In the table below, the second column is the salary schedule taking into account the recent award safety net adjustment through the State Wage Case. The third column is the government's offer. Wherever the government's offer is lower than the current salary schedule, the effect of the government's offer will be a 0% increase.

Classifications at the very top of AO will receive a greater percentage increase than those at the bottom under the terms of the government's offer, further undermining the effect of the State Wage Case adjustment to minimum wage levels.

In this table you can see the effect of the state wages case award adjustment across all classifications in the AO, OO, TO and PO streams.