What is bargaining?

Every three years public sector union members are able to bargain with their employer, to seek wages and conditions that are better than the award.

Our claim

Union members decide what to ask for through bargaining to improve workplaces, conditions and wages.


We will be providing you with regular updates from negotiations as they happen.

Collective action makes a difference

As union members we know that to make real change, negotiations alone won't be enough to win the changes you want to see in your workplace.

To win real change, we need a strong campaign across the public service that forces the employer to change the rules in the Queensland public service.

We can only have a strong campaign if members in workplaces across the state are active in the campaign.

Under the Industrial Relations Act, members will be able to take collective action after 1 September - but first you will need to complete what is called a "protected action ballot."

Being a union member means being able to take industrial action to get your employer to deliver.

Only union members can take action or participate in a protected action ballot. To take part in protected action, you need to join.

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Protected Action Ballots

The following protected action ballots are running for members in the Core areas:

Get involved

Only Together members can take part in our industrial action campaign. Get involved in the campaign by filling in an application to hold a protected action ballot at your workplace.

Get involved

Apply to hold a protected action ballot in your workplace