The Core Agreement has been certified

The State Government Departments Certified Agreement 2019 has been certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

This is the culmination of thousands of hours of effort by all of you as Together members, and particularly your delegates, workers like you who have dedicated enormous effort to this.

This Agreement delivers many important improvements for employees and access to important rights. These include rights around employment security; workload management; consultation about change; consultation about the introduction of technology/ future of work; support for workers with mental illness including access to mental health first aid training for employee representatives; and a $1250 one-off payment (which has already been paid) and importantly a wages arbitration.

Wages arbitration in 2020

The Agreement has a provision, (s2.10 (7)), which sets out that there will be a wages determination.

You can see the provision here.

Importantly, the provision references the Annual Wage Review that is to be determined by the Fair Work Commission. This is the first step. The Annual Wage Review decision has been delayed by two weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis. We expect to see that decision some time in July. The provision in the agreement then sets out that the necessary talks with the state government, about what happens next with wages, will start following that.

Together is very committed to seeking a wage rise as per this Agreement.


What is bargaining?

Every three years public sector union members are able to bargain with their employer, to seek wages and conditions that are better than the award.


We will be providing you with regular updates from negotiations as they happen.

Our claim

Union members decide what to ask for through bargaining to improve workplaces, conditions and wages.

Collective action makes a difference

As union members we know that to make real change, negotiations alone won’t be enough to win the changes you want to see in your workplace.

To win real change, we need a strong campaign across the public service that forces the employer to change the rules in the Queensland public service.

Having active and involved members in workplaces across the state makes a strong campaign!

Under the Industrial Relations Act, members can take protected industrial action as part of negotiations.

Only union members can take protected industrial action, and only union members can change your employer’s offer. To be part of the campaign, you need to be a member of Together.

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Here's what members have done so far

Members in all Departments covered by the Core have held stop work rallies all over the state.

Members in Queensland Boating and Fisheries also took 24-hour strike action, as well as enacting extensive work bans. QBFP members have temporarily suspended their work bans in order to further negotiate with the Department.

The Core Agreement has been certified: What will happen with wages?

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