Together in Child Safety, Youth and Women

Together members in Child Safety, Youth & Women are bargaining for a fair deal with their employer at the moment.

There are some significant issues in CSYW that can be addressed through collective bargaining. Together members have been at the table negotiating in good faith, and there has been some movement in the right direction.

One of the key issues members need to see addressed is workload – but it’s not something that can be done in isolation. Recruitment and retention, appropriate classifications, employment security – these issues are all entwined and need to be improved and resolved to stabilise the CSYW workforce for staff as well as the families they work with.

The offer from the Department at this point is underwhelming and does not recognise the important work that its staff do. You can read more about negotiations and the latest updates here.

In the meantime, members are ‘donating’ significant numbers of hours to the Department – hours they have accrued that they haven’t been able take within the work cycle. Just how much does CSYW run on the goodwill of its staff? Answer a couple of questions to see how much you’ve ‘donated’ to the Department recently (be warned – it’s depressing…)


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Accrued Hours Forfeited Last Work Cycle

How many hours did you accrue, but were not able to take, in your last pay cycle, and so ‘lost’ them?

ot_invoice INVOICE DESCRIPTION TOTAL To: The Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women For: Accrued Time Lost $ NOT A REAL INVOICE Authorised Alex Scott Together Queensland