CSYW Members Taking Action

This page lists the collective actions that members in Child Safety, Youth & Women have taken as part of their campaign for better conditions and wages.

In early 2019, delegates and members are considering their options to escalate their action.

CSYW members demand an offer that acts on the real issues in the Department – to make the lives of CSYW workers, and the clients they work with, safer and better.

Open Letter to Minister Farmer

Current work bans

Members at the Beaudesert CSSC are undertaking the following work bans:

  • Not completing new placement agreements
  • Not completing six-monthly reviews of placement agreements
  • Not providing an Authority to Care form to carers and their agency (while continuing to create the form)
  • Not providing non-critical reports or case plans as requested by Community Visitors
  • Not providing non-critical reports or case plans as requested by Legal Advocates of the Office of the Public Guardian 

Members at the Cairns CSSC are undertaking the following work bans:

  • Administration Officers
    • Not providing Authority to Care documents
    • Not writing up practice panel minutes
    • Not cleaning fleet cars
    • Not providing additional CSO or STL support
    • Not updating ICMS (e.g. immunisation information)
    • Not operating a second phone line (foster carer hotline will continue to operate in addition to one phone line)
    • Not witnessing Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Declaration signatures
  • Child Safety Officers
    • Not completing case plan reviews
    • Not developing new case plans
    • Not completing new placement agreements
    • Not completing six monthly reviews of placement agreements
    • Not taking Surface Pro devices home to complete work
  • Child Safety Support Officers
    • In addition to any of the relevant bans above, not uploading any case notes to ICMS

Additional to these work bans, members will not work outside the scope and core duties of their role.

Members at the Ipswich South CSSC are undertaking the following work bans:

  • Not writing up Standard of Care Assessment or monitoring case notes (while continuing to undertake assessment and monitoring activities)
  • Not providing non-critical information and documents to partners regarding children when requested
  • Not washing or vacuuming fleet cars
  • Not responding to non-critical requests from the OPG
  • Not doing paper filing
  • Not providing information to non-critical OCFOS and DCPL requests

Statewide Day of Action – Friday 16th November

Over 40 CSYW worksites took part in half- or full-day strike action on Friday 16th November. You can see some photos from the action here.

Stop work meetings

From September, members across the state held stop work meetings to discuss negotiations, the employer’s offer and next steps. These stop works were held in worksites across the state – you can see photos from some of these stop work meetings here:

Ongoing work bans

Offices including Mackay CSSC, Toowoomba CSSCs and Central Queensland RIS have continued to apply pressure through indefinite work bans. These work bans include: not completing non-critical administrative tasks; not completing non-critical casework activities; and not providing information regarding any Director-General or Ministerial requests.