Together in Child Safety, Youth and Women

Staff in the Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women and Youth Justice have an important and challenging role in working with some of the most at-risk children, young people and families across Queensland.

Staff have voted to accept an offer from government for a new collective agreement in 2020. We are now waiting to hear from government on when and whether this agreement will be implemented.

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Union members seek action on CSYW agreement

As you might recall, your employer ballot (the step before certifying the agreement) was ‘paused’ in early April after the Premier’s comments regarding a pay freeze. We still have not seen a new government policy that speaks to this pay freeze, yet a number of EBs have been stalled due to these comments.

It isn’t good enough that your EB – which, let’s not forget, delegates started negotiating in May 2018 – is still waiting to be balloted and certified after this long.

Your Conference delegates endorsed seeking Minister Farmer’s intervention in addressing this matter, particularly around key issues of workload management and attraction and retention of CSYW staff. We will also be following up with the Department.

When we have a response, we will be back in touch with members to talk through your options and what direction you would like to move in. It is deeply frustrating that it has taken this long – you deserve better.


You can keep up to date with the latest from negotiations here.

Stronger Together in CSYW – members taking action!

In 2018, members took historic industrial action across the state to force the Department to improve their offer.

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