Together in Child Safety, Youth and Women

Staff in the department of Child Safety, Youth and Women have a very important role that is sometimes overlooked.

Together members have campaigned over many years to improve our child safety service delivery, to secure more resources, and to improve the working conditions of departmental staff.

We have had some major successes and we know there is more still work to do.

What doesn't change is the commitment and integrity of our members, who are working every day to help Queenslanders. As a union member you never walk alone. Join us and help build a better life.

Bargaining 2018

Your wages and conditions in your collective agreement are up for renegotiation in 2018!

Together members are seeking a stand-alone agreement to ensure that issues specific to your work in CSYW start to be addressed.

The key issues raised by members so far are:

  • Resourcing for reasonable workloads,
  • Classifications and career pathways for AO, PO and OO positions
  • Equity between Child Safety and Youth Justice
  • Maximising permanent employment

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Winning real and meaningful action on these issues won’t come easy but history shows a strong union is the way to do it. To be strong everyone needs to be a union member, get active and be willing to take action around the things that matter.

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