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Union Health

Union Health

It's time for a fairer health fund

As a member of Together, you and your family members have automatic access to Union Health.

If you’re ready for your health to be treated fairly, it’s time to take a closer look at Union Health.

Union Health has been formed to serve the needs of our members, and it’s backed by one of Australia’s most trusted funds, TUH.  In the latest nationwide Ipsos survey of health funds, TUH Health Fund was ranked first by members for trustworthiness, satisfaction, loyalty and likelihood to recommend. With the support of TUH, Union Health will follow in their footsteps and strive to become the fairest health fund for all union members.

More hospitals to choose from

If you’re going into hospital, not only do Union Health have a larger choice of hospitals, they also offer a higher percentage of services with no out-of-pocket expenses than BUPA, NIB or MEDIBANK (2017 State of the Health Funds Report).

A belief in quality

Union Health cover cardiac on all hospital products and have a range of quality products that will suit you through your different life stages.

A health fund that's 100% member owned

Union Health believe in acting in the best interests of their members, not shareholders. That’s why they don’t pay their people commission, so you get fair, genuine advice. And because they’re 100% member-owned, their profits go straight back to you in the form of better products and services.

For more information visit or call 1800 661 283

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