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Important Update

Posted by dangoldman on September 5, 2013

Your representatives met with management on Thursday 29 August and bargaining representatives agreed “in principle” to the key features of the new enterprise agreement and the wage offer from management. The process for consulting with staff and balloting the agreement was discussed and a tentative timeframe agreed.

Management then went through the proposed agreement to discuss the drafting of the clauses that have been discussed. 

In this draft agreement were a number of potentially significant changes to your rights and entitlements, however after discussion with your union representatives, Mater have agreed to remove proposals to change overtime arrangements for non shift-workers and allow 12 hours shifts in the future. This is a good outcome for your entitlements.

There are a few changes to your conditions that management are seeking that remain outstanding and it is important that you are aware of them when you cast your vote in the ballot. These are below:

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Update 23 August 2013

Posted by dangoldman on August 23, 2013

Dear members,

Last Thursday MPH responded to some more of our claims and have now made a wage offer to employees. This offer is made on the basis of the items MPH have indicated are agreed or not agreed which are set out further on in this email. The process will be that if the bargaining representatives agree “in principle” with this offer, a proposed agreement would then be drafted to be voted on by all staff.

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Update: 10 August 2013

Posted by dangoldman on August 10, 2013

Dear members,

Your representatives have met again with management in negotiations for your new enterprise agreement. Your representatives responded based on our advice in the last update. 

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Update: 29 July 2013

Posted by dangoldman on July 29, 2013

Dear members,

Your members representatives have met three times now with management in negotiations for your new enterprise agreement. Based on a survey of members and discussions with other bargaining representatives your union has submitted a log of claims on 13 June 2013 which can be found here and some additional claims on 18 July 2013 here

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Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together Queensland.
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