Welcome to the Together Protected Industrial Action Ballot site.

It it is clear from negotiations that this Government don't care about delivering quality public health services or the Health Practitioners that deliver them.  And they certainly don't care about your wages and conditions so we need to convince the Department and the politicians to change their minds.

Thousands of members have rejected the current ‘offer’ from government, and we have yet to see significant movement on important issues like job security, loss of increments, wages and key working conditions.

That’s why the next step is to take action. Please use this website to download a meeting kit for your worksite and to enter your feedback about taking action. This process is new, due to a change in legislation, so please read through the resources carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

This website has information about the voting process, a meeting kit to help you run a meeting in your workplace and a web-form to report back the outcome of your meeting.

This is an important meeting to decide whether or not our work group would like to undertake a protected industrial action ballot.

We know that we are stronger together, and that by taking this next step, we can demonstrate to the government that their offer needs to change. Fair wages and conditions, job security and reasonable workloads, that is what action can achieve.

Congratulations on taking the next step towards a fair agreement.