Member mailouts

Our members stay in touch in many ways. We have regular emails, news items on this site and our regular published materials - like our journals, newsletters and member updates.

The latest union materials can be downloaded below.

August 2012: A mailout on member meetings and the campaign to defend Queensland Health from outsourcing and job cuts

Union journal 2012


June 2012: 9-point plan for a better public service


You can see more details on the plan for a better public service at our Working for a Better Public Service website.

All member mailout - Building Blocks for a Better Queensland.

The mailout included letters from political parties, and a detailed response from parties to questions asked by Together delegates. These are combined into one document below.

For more on this campaign see our Building Blocks website.


Combined responses document  

All member mailout — Late November, 2011
This mailout included a Journal, a 6 page Industrial Update, Financial Statements and a 2012 Year planner.

Together Journal
  Union News November 2011  
  Together Journal   Union News (Industrial)


All member mailout — October, 2011
Membership Card mailout. Public Sector workers also received a Building Blocks brochure with this mailout.

All member mailout — September, 2011

This mailout included the Together Services Booklet, a Working for a Better Life brochure and a letter from Together Secretary Alex Scott.

Services booklet  Together Services Booklet — September 2011


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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