The bill is passed, what now for doctors?

Posted on June 5, 2015

Last year the now opposition leader Lawrence Springborg told doctors that if you wanted to change the ideology of individual contracts for doctors you would need to change the government and you did that.

As Together members, you and your colleagues have fought against attacks on your integrity, your conditions, your autonomy as clinicians and your desire to put patients before profits. You fought back by attending rallies, with your resignation letters, by knocking on doors, by putting flyers in letterboxes and at the ballot box.

In the words of the Minister for Health, Cameron Dick, in Parliament last night – "Today that fight is over".

The Queensland government have "restored the protections all government employees enjoy and will rebuild the working relationship between those charged with managing the health system and those entrusted with the care of its patients.

"Today doctors have won, but it is the patients of Queensland Health that are truly victorious”.

You can see the full speech here.

Despite the LNP's own post-election analysis admitting that these laws were a major reason they lost government, the LNP are unrepentant! LNP member after LNP member stood up in Parliament last night and spoke and voted against restoring your rights including against the specific amendments restoring rights for senior doctors.

Tim Mander, MP for Everton, referred to you as "highly paid doctors, on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year", and characterised the visits he received from doctors in his electorate as "quite embarrassing and much ado about nothing".

Christian Rowan also spoke against restoring your rights and Mr Springborg again used the Auditor-General's report to try and smear you.

Many Labor members spoke in support of rights for doctors and with the help of both MPs from the Katter Australia Party and the independent Member for Cook, this legislation has been passed. 

Once this bill receives royal assent we will immediately have access to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and we can bargain with the employer for a new collective agreement for senior doctors.

This is only the first step – we still need to bargain for a new collective agreement to replace your contract and that’s why it is important to be involved and encourage your colleagues to join you in our union.


Yours in union

Kate Flanders
Assistant Secretary

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