MOCA4 News

Posted on July 23, 2015

Medical officers: remember to vote.

Posted by Sandy Donald on July 30, 2015

Have you voted in the Together member ballot yet?

You can vote here.

We have negotiated an offer from QH that we think meets members' most critical concerns, and we need to hear from you before we accept the deal.

Important update: Formal offer for Medical Officers

Posted by Dan Goldman on July 24, 2015

Sandy Donald and I have been in detailed negotiations with Queensland Health in relation to your wages and conditions for the next three years with the help of your colleagues and Together medical officer delegates who have met regularly to review the various positions and provide advice and direction to negotiators.

MOCA3 has expired - important update on your conditions

Posted by Alex Scott on July 3, 2015

The certified agreement for Medical Officers, MOCA3, nominally expired on Tuesday 30 June, which means that the pressure is on to get a fair deal for medical officers in a new 'MOCA4' collective agreement.

SMO Update: More detail

Posted by Alex Scott on July 2, 2015

VMO Update

Posted by Alex Scott on July 2, 2015

The legislative changes passed through the Queensland parliament in early June remove the High Income Guarantee provisions from the Industrial Relational Act.

JMO Update

Posted by Alex Scott on July 2, 2015

The bill is passed, what now for doctors?

Posted by Together Queensland on June 5, 2015

Last year the now opposition leader Lawrence Springborg told doctors that if you wanted to change the ideology of individual contracts for doctors you would need to change the government and you did that.

As Together members, you and your colleagues have fought against attacks on your integrity, your conditions, your autonomy as clinicians and your desire to put patients before profits. You fought back by attending rallies, with your resignation letters, by knocking on doors, by putting flyers in letterboxes and at the ballot box.

Important for Medical Officers - Monday 18 May

Posted by Dan Goldman on May 15, 2015

Queensland Parliament is considering legislation to restore rights for medical officers working in QH and to get rid of the forced unfair contracts. However with a hung Parliament we need to act quickly.

Special update: legislative change for medical officers

Posted by Alex Scott on May 8, 2015

Earlier today I emailed all members about changes to the industrial relations legislation moved in Parliament yesterday and the launch of a Together campaign to support the Bill’s passage through the Parliament. This is a special update on the impact of the proposed legislation on medical officers. 

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