Government Offer for Medical Officers

Posted on July 24, 2015

You can vote in the ballot here. 

Your union delegates and industrial officers have been in intense negotiations with Queensland Health representatives since the start of May seeking to progress your claims for a new collective agreement for interns, RMOs and SMOs as well as MORPPs and MSRPPs. VMOs are not part of this process, however we have sought agreement from the government to allow VMOs to also bargain for a collective agreement in the future and for the same wage increase to apply.  

Together medical delegates have met regularly to review the various positions and provide advice and direction to negotiators. You can see the Together claim documents from earlier this year here - SMO Claims and JMO_claims

On Friday 24 July Queensland Health provided a formal offer to Together and the other medical union (ASMOFQ) to settle these negotiations. You can see the offer here.

Your union office and delegates are reviewing this offer and will provide further analysis to help you make your decision, as well as holding member meetings over the next two weeks. You can see details for the meetings here or contact to arrange one in your area.

A member ballot will also be held over the next two weeks and will open once we have reviewed the offer.

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