We Win

Working Together gives union members the opportunity to build on the successes they have made happen in the past. Working people in Australia and around the world know that they can win when they get involved in their union, are prepared to talk about issues that matter to them, and when they get active to make a difference.

People determined to build better lives for themselves and the people around them have shown: the art of the possible is not limited by what we have achieved today. Determined, courageous, working Australians have demonstrated that that when we talk about a brighter tomorrow we made real, lasting change by:
- creating opportunities for people regardless of socio-economic background through education;
- building a health system open for all; and
- securing laws that mean that people can come home from work safe with a decent paying job.

Working people through their unions, like ours - Together, have achieved important things for people right across our community both inside and outside of the workplace. That has meant securing deals that kept up with the cost of living, ensuring job security so that workers can provide for their families and improvements that give workers real flexibility in their working lives.


YRAW buttonHundreds of thousands of union members from around Australia stood up for their rights at work. More than five hundred Together members got involved as Your Rights At Work Heroes in 2007 and had conversations in their communities about what Workchoices would mean for them and their families. 


 UCC LogoUnion members have been an integral part of the campaign to secure a clean energy future. Working people came together with allies in civil society and people committed to securing our environment to Say Yes to a price on pollution. By holding rallies around the country with tens of thousands of Australians, having conversations in our workplaces and handing out flyers we were able to fight the big polluters mistruths and talk to workers about what this means for investing in our future and securing opportunities for our kids.


Equal Pay Logo

More recently community workers have been at the forefront of securing equal pay for all workers that will deliver real benefits for people across our community sector.

Live Below The Line

Together members got involved in the fight against global poverty by participating in the Live Below The Line campaign where participants spent less than $2 a day on food for 5 days to raise funds and awareness. Together participants received $4500 in sponsorships, the Together team was a valuable contributor to the record $1.4 million raised Australia wide.

Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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